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About The Blog

If you want to know more about why this blog exists and what it aims to do, you may find this page helpful.

What do you mean by “atheist”? defines an atheist as “a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.”

Although I try to be careful with my words, I am not particularly interested in semantics. I recognize that there are different ways to interpret the above definition, but I don’t feel compelled to dwell on the finer points.  The language I use is not meant to deceive or obfuscate, but to communicate.  I do not intentionally imbue my words with special, secret, or obscure meanings. Simply put, I am an atheist and I do not believe in the existence of supernatural beings.

What do you mean by “Bible”?  Which one are you reading?

I recognize that my choice of which Bible to read is a significant one.  However, I am not a Biblical scholar nor do I wish to be.  I originally wanted to review the King James Version because it is my understanding that it has great literary significance and has been very influential in the evolution of written and spoken English.  Unfortunately, there was not a free KJV available for download via my Kindle app on Android.  I could have paid $0.99 for one, but I preferred to go with a free option, and the one I selected was an English Standard Version.  I’m not sure which edition it is, though I may look into that later if I feel the need to do so.

What do you mean by “review”?

My reviews take different forms.  Although my atheism influences my interpretations, this is not a “gotcha” blog, and I do not intend to pick apart or criticize the Bible from an ideological perspective per se.  Instead, I will review the texts of the Bible much as I would any book.  Likely topics of my reviews include my enjoyment of a given segment of the text, my subjective judgment of its quality, and my reaction to its contents.

Why review the Bible, and why create this blog?

The Bible is a work of literature and history, and I am interested in reading it in that context.  I hope to become more familiar with its contents and to more easily recognize Biblical allusions in other media.  By blogging I hope to keep myself motivated during this lengthy and difficult process.  The blog will also help me monitor and remember my reactions to this important text.

That answer may not satisfy all readers, but satisfying all readers is not one of the goals of this blog.

Why highlight your atheism in the title of the blog?  Why not just review the Bible and keep your philosophy to yourself?

To keep my religious affiliation a secret might offer some benefits in terms of how my blog is received, but I would rather have it out in the open.  Readers will not need to scrutinize my reviews for subtle clues about my philosophical slant, and I will not have to try to avoid giving such clues away.  Readers know where I stand and can judge for themselves whether and how my religious views affect my reading experience.  Also, it’s a good hook.

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